COVID-19 Scams to Avoid

One of the newest Coronavirus-related phishing emails spoofs a hospital notification that warns of exposure to COVID-19 through contact with a "colleague/friend/family member", directing the recipient to download an attachment then go directly to the hospital, according to the cybersecurity awareness organization, KnowBe4*. The attached file appears to be a prefilled form to bring to the hospital but actually releases malware when downloaded.

The FBI also reports a rise in fraud schemes related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Their Internet Crime Complaint Center ( includes a public service announcement that catalogs the latest ploys to steal your money, your personal information, or both, such as: charitable contributions, general financial relief, airline carrier refunds, fake cures and vaccines, and fake testing kits. Visit their public service announcement I-032020-PSA for full details.

* KnowBe4 is currently offering the free course, Internet Security When You Work From Home



Phishing Email (in the wild)

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