Chinese Consulate Phone Scam

Beware of calls that appear to be coming from the Chinese Consulate that leave a repeated message in Mandarin, from numbers such as +12122449399 and +12122448293 but also with various area codes and prefixes. This is a common phone scam to try and steal money or personal information by posing as Chinese consulate employees.

According the the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), "though the stories for these scam calls vary, they often begin with someone impersonating a Chinese consulate staff member who says a parcel or package addressed to the person called is waiting to be picked up at the consulate. The “official” then says the package is linked to a criminal investigation, and offers to resolve the situation through a money transfer or a credit card payment. In some cases, the scammer may simply ask for bank account information."

You can read more in articles posted by both the FCC and FTC.

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