Brown University [from US Army recruiter]

Occasional military recruiters will send email solicitations to Brown students, such as the following example. These are legitimate and allowed by law. According to Karen McNeil, ​Program Director of the Office of Student Veterans and Commissioning Programs here at Brown, ​the University provides military recruiters a copy of the public online directory in accordance with the Solomon Act

If you are not interested in the offer, we recommend that you either ask that they not contact you again or simply delete the email.

From: Johnson, Mark E SSG USARMY USAREC (US) <>
Date: Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 10:55 AM
Subject: Brown University
To: [ Brown email addresses ]

[ First name ],

My name is Staff Sergeant Johnson and I am a recruiter with the United States Army.  I am here to extend an invitation to learn more about what the Army can offer you and more importantly, what you can bring to the Army.

Are you interested in law, computer programming, logistics, public affairs, aviation, or financial managing? The Army provides training for all of those careers and many, many more.

Popular jobs:

-Military Police
-Information Technology
-Medic / EMT / Medical
-Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic

The Army Reserves offers Cash Bonuses, Student loan repayment, and Tuition Assistance, all for 1 weekend a month.

Educational benefits:

-Up to $900 monthly while attending college
-$4,000 Annual Tuition assistance
-$350 Monthly Reserve GI Bill
-Up to $50K Student Loan Repayment Program & eligible for a $350 monthly Kicker up to $20K Cash Enlistment Bonus
-Tricare standard health Insurance

For more information about the Army or Army Reserve or are interested please feel free to email me back or click the link for more information. 2tMCknr

SSG Johnson
U.S. Army New England

Legitimate Email

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