About the ITSC Program

IT Support Consultant-Supported Departments: How to Get Help

  • For normal computing issues (configuration changes, software installation, new computer set-up, etc.), please contact your assigned ITSC directly to set up an appointment.
  • If you have an urgent issue (i.e., critical problems that require resolution within 2 hours) and your ITSC is unavailable, please send an email to ITSC@brown.edu and follow with a phone call to the Service Center for immediate triage. 

    Email to the IT Support Consultant (ITSC) staff is sent to the entire team, so that other members of the team can respond to requests if the team member is sick or on vacation.

ITSC departments are always welcome to call the CIS IT Service Center at x3-4357 for questions regarding common applications (Word, Excel, Chrome, Acrobat, etc.).

Services Provided

ITSC Support Statement

Technology Support

The IT Support Consultant teams support computing activities within academic and administrative departments. Your ITSC will set up an appointment with you at a mutually convenient time.


ITSCs work with departmental staff members to develop technology plans for departments that include all hardware (computers, printers, scanners, mobile devices, etc.), software, cycles for hardware replacements, and future technology needs.


With approval from your departmental budgeting staff, your ITSC will assist you with placing orders for standard hardware (computers, printers, mobile devices, etc.), and will consult with you for any additional departmental purchases related to specialized technological academic needs.


ITSCs manage the paperwork, including contacting Facilities Management for pickup. Additionally, we manage any technical requirements to get old and outdated computing equipment removed from your department.

Remote Tools

ITSCs use enterprise-class tools to manage Brown University-owned computers. Specifically we use Microsoft SCCM for Windows, and JAMF Pro for Mac, for inventory, patching/updating, and for remote support (screen sharing).  This remote technical support allows us to fix problems quickly from almost any location (on or off campus). 

Software & Security Management

Brown University computers should be on upported operating systems (see what is current on Windows and Mac) and should use University-licensed software. Managed Windows computers are updated remotely in mainly "silent" fashion; on occasion you will be notified of a required reboot to finalize system updates.

CIS Liaison

CIS is a large department with many areas of expertise. ITSCs are familiar with the structure of CIS's organization and services. Part of the ITSC role is to serve as liaison between CIS's teams and our supported users, so that your questions and needs can get prompt attention. 

Contact Information

For inquiries, urgent issues, or escalation of problems please contact:
Tatum Ponte, Lead IT Support Consultant
(Team: Patricia Kinghorn, Jason Jacques, Peter Mello, Jim Dorian, Sherie Josephson)
•    Office Phone: 401-863-1146
•    E-mail: Tatum_Ponte@brown.edu 

Suzie Nacar, Lead IT Support Consultant
(Team: Cindy Jardin, Ron McKay, Dave Brown, Isaac Suon)
•    Office Phone: 401-863-9252
•    E-mail: Suzanne_Nacar@brown.edu 

Kate Monteiro, Lead IT Support Consultant
(Team: Al Coulombe, Geoffrey Moran, Jack Beggs, Gary Bryson, Jesse Coutu)
•    Office Phone: 401-863-9231
•    E-mail: Katherine_Monteiro@brown.edu 

Obasi Osborne, Lead IT Support Consultant
(Team: Eric Scantlebury, Steve Vallot, Roberto Lorenzo, Joe Vang)
•    Office Phone: 401-863-7391
•    E-mail: Obasi_Osborne@brown.edu 

Don Rogers, Associate Director, IT Service Center
•    Office Phone: 863-7319
•    E-mail: Donald_Rogers@brown.edu